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Why does my car battery keep dying?

Have you noticed your vehicle needs to be jump started after sitting overnight? The chemical reaction inside of your battery that makes it able to hold a charge can weaken over time, causing it to not be able to start your vehicle. Extreme cold and hot can also cause an internal failure in your battery. Battery failures may not be caused solely by the battery. A faulty starter, alternator or a parasitic draw can be some other causes of a failed battery. All batteries should be tested before being replaced. We also highly recommend a full starting and charging system check to ensure that another lingering problem is not present.

Batteries are wear items, the national average life for 12 volt car batteries is 30 months. All batteries at Tim’s come with a 36 month full replacement warranty with unlimited mileage. Let the mechanics at Tim’s help check your battery, starting and charging system and get your vehicle back to being reliable!

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