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When Should I Change My Oil?

When Should I Change My Oil? - Tim's Quality Car Care

Oil changes are the single most important investment you can make for the long term health of your engine. Over time engine oil breaks down, absorbs contaminates and in most vehicles a small amount burns off. Engine oil breaks down whether the vehicle is being used or not. Solvents and additives in your oil evaporate as well as the oil begins absorbing water from humidity. While many manufacturers are recommending extended oil change intervals of 10,000 miles or longer it is important to read the fine print. While under optimal conditions engine oil may last longer than 5,000 miles, but it is important to realize most of us do not operate our vehicle under optimal or normal conditions.

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Most drivers in the United States, especially those of us that live in colder or warmer climates operate our vehicles under “severe conditions.”

Honda Motor Co. defines severe driving conditions as:

  • Frequently drive less than 5 miles per trip in above freezing or 10 miles per trip in below freezing temperatures
  • Frequently drive vehicle in temperatures over 90° Fahrenheit
  • Extensive idling or long periods of stop and go traffic
  • Any trailer towing
  • Any driving on dusty, muddy, or de iced roads

Accounting for the mostly severe conditions our client base uses their vehicles in, Tim’s recommends changing synthetic engine oil at 5,000 miles and Synthetic blend oil at 3,000. We also recommend not going over 5 months between engine oil changes. At Tim’s we will only use the manufacturer's required weight, grade and quantity of oil in your vehicle and a top tier filter. While your vehicle is in for an oil change we will also do our Digital Vehicle Inspection. We will keep you fully informed about your vehicle so that we can keep you in safe and reliable transportation. Regular oil changes combined with a good preventative maintenance routine and regular vehicle inspections will ensure you trouble free operation of your vehicle for the long haul. Let the pros at Tim’s help with all of your maintenance needs!


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