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What is a wheel alignment?

Maybe someone has told you that your vehicle needed a wheel alignment, but what is it? In simple terms, when a vehicle is out-of-alignment, it means that all the wheels are pointing in different directions. That can cause a variety of issues for your vehicle such as premature wear on your tires or suspension. It can also cause your car to pull or drift while driving. That can be a safety concern.

What is a wheel alignment? - Tim's Quality Car Care

Wheel alignments are performed on a specialized vehicle lift called an alignment rack, using specialized equipment called an alignment machine.  They use multiple cameras that take detailed pictures or videos of targets that are mounted to the four wheels of the vehicle.

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Depending on the vehicle being aligned, both front or all four wheels are being adjusted. Many vehicles can adjust your suspension and steering on 3 planes.

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Every vehicle has different alignment specifications. Let the mechanics at Tim’s help you keep a smooth ride and your vehicle driving straight down the road!

We can check out your vehicle and let you know if you need a wheel alignment! Make an appointment today!

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