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Best mechanic in New Orleans! Tim is a quality, trustworthy professional who keeps it honest and takes exceptional care of his customers. I've been going to him for years, and will continue to do so as long as I live here.


I recently had a car serviced by Tim's, and they were super helpful. They could have easily ran me through the ringer providing service on every piece that was falling apart (like many mechanics do) but instead provided great advice. Worth every penny. --Devin


Car trouble? Go to tim's. You'll get great comprehensive service from really friendly and smart guys! Ok... my tv ad is over. Seriously though I've been taking my car's to tim's for three years now and I can't even explain to you have relieving it is for me to know that they will take care of my car. Being a driver of old jalopies throughout my life when I got my current car I was determined to take the care of it that was deserved. My friends have all used tim's for years and really been hapy with the service. I gave it a go and I'm very happy with all of the times I've taken my car in. Sure... it's more expensive to go get my oil changed, but this is no speedy situation. The guys all not only change my oil but give my car a full look over. They keep a good record of what your car will need over time as well as immediate necessary repairs. This is a family owned business mr. Tim, mom, tim, and nicky all work there as well as several other reliable mechanics. And they are all smart. They will do their absolute best to find a solution to any issues you're having. As always remember to be nice. Sure, they're job is to fix your car and be nice... but it doesn't cost you anything to be a polite customer. (I get infuriated at people who can't be nice.) And your car is a box of oving parts, at times it's going to be expensive to fix, but do you want it done right the first time or do you want it to fall apart on the interstate because you let some hack fix it and not the reliable people at tim's?

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