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Fluid Maintenance | Tim's Quality Car Care

At Tim’s we provide a full line of preventative maintenance fluid exchanges.

With our A/C service we remove and measure all the refrigerant in your vehicle. We then hold your vehicle under a deep vacuum, checking for any leaks. Finally, we recharge the system with the exact factory specified charge and include fluorescent dye. With the dye, we can then check the system with a leak detection light. A/C services are important to your air conditioning system. Because all vehicle A/C systems have rubber lines and seals they are all subject to refrigerant loss past seals and through rubber lines. When an A/C system is operated at a low charge the vehicle’s compressor is not being properly lubricated by the oil suspended in the refrigerant. We can help you get the full life out of your vehicle’s A/C by servicing the system once every 2 years. Tim’s has invested in the specialized equipment needed to service A/C systems on new vehicles with the new EPA standard refrigerant as well as hybrid and electric vehicles.

With our Brake fluid exchange, we remove the brake fluid from your master cylinder and refill with new fluid. We then artificially pressurize your brake system and flow new fluid to each of your wheels. We continue this fluid exchange until the entire vehicle has 100% clean new fluid throughout the entire system. Brake fluid exchanges are important to your braking system. Poor fluid quality can lead to increased stopping distances in your vehicle. Poor fluid condition can also corrode and rust internal braking components such as your calipers, master cylinder, and anti-lock brake system. We can help keep your brake system in top condition by exchanging your brake fluid every 3 years or 36,000 miles.

With our Differential, Transfer Case and Manual Transmission services we drain the component, or remove a cover to drain depending on application. We then refill with the manufacturer’s recommended fluid and additives.  Keeping clean fresh lubricant in your gear boxes prolongs the life of the components by keeping them lubricated by fluid that is not suspending gear or clutch material particles. We can help keep your gear boxes in good working order by servicing them every 3 years or 36,000 miles

With our Engine De carbon service we remove hard carbon deposits from your vehicle’s intake, valves, combustion chamber and fuel injectors. We utilize 2 different chemicals and specialized equipment to delicately soak, loosen and remove carbon deposits. Engine De carbon services are important to the overall efficiency of your vehicle. Excessive carbon can cause a poor idle quality, lack of volumetric efficiency, and affect your vehicle’s compression. We can help your engine run as designed by performing a de carbon every 3 years, 36,000 miles or 2 years, 15,000 miles (depending on your vehicle)

With our Engine Oil Change, we drain your engine oil and remove the filter. We install a new drain plug gasket where applicable, refill your oil with the manufacturer specified oil and install a new premium grade filter. Contaminated engine oil can cause accelerated engine wear and greatly shorten the life of your engine. We can help keep your engine functioning trouble free by changing your engine oil every 3 months, 3,000 miles or 5 months, 5,000 miles (depending on oil).

With our Power Steering service (hydraulic steering vehicles only) we remove all the fluid from the reservoir, refill the reservoir. We then run the vehicle. When the vehicle reaches operating temperature, we exchange the existing fluid with new fluid at a 1 to 1 ratio. We exchange the fluid until clean, using at least 2 quarts of fluid. When done the vehicle's power steering system is full of clean manufacturer specific steering fluid. Contaminated power steering fluid can cause accelerated wear on your power steering pump and rack and pinion. We can help avoid costly steering repairs by exchanging your steering fluid every 3 years or 36,000 miles 

With our Automatic Transmission service we remove all of the fluid from the transmission pan, then refill. We then run the vehicle to operating temperature. When at operating temperature we then exchange the existing fluid with new fluid at a 1 to 1 ratio exchanging the entire dry fill capacity of the vehicle. When done the Transmission is full of new clean manufacturer specific fluid. Contaminated transmission fluid is discolored and often has metal particles and clutch materiel suspended in it. Deteriorated fluid can damage internal transmission components and eventually cause failure and shorten the life of your transmission. We can help you keep your transmission operating trouble free for the entire life of your vehicle by exchanging your transmission fluid every 3 years or 36,000 miles. 

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