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Windshield Wipers: What are my options?

Windshield Wipers: What are my options? - Tim's Quality Car Care
Windshield Wipers: What are my options? - Tim's Quality Car Care image 2

Windshield wipers are a big part of keeping drivers safe on rainy days. A good set of wipers gives you the clear vision you need to safely see around your vehicle.MsMary Anderson of Birmingham Alabama is credited with the invention of the wiper blade. Her patent filed on November 10 1903 for Her “window cleaning device” came from an idea she had while on a rainy trip to New York City. By 1916 Windshield Wipers were standard equipment on most vehicles.By the mid-1950s we had the intermittent speed electric wipers we all know and love as standard equipment on most vehicles.

Windshield wipers can be divided into 3 maincategories, Frameor “Traditional” wiper blades, Beam style blades and winter blades.

Frame or “Traditional” wiper blades are made up of a metal frame holding rockers, the rockers are then attached to and hold a reinforced rubber wiper blade onto the windshield. The rockers on the wiper allow the rubber blade to contour to the windshield, allowing for pressure distribution across the 8 to 12 contact points and provide an even wipe across the glass. Frame wiper blades are the most cost-effective option and also come as standard equipment on many vehicles. At Tim’s we offer frame style wipers made by Trico and Mighty as our entry level wiper blades.

Beam style wiper blades are the newest innovation in wiper blade technology. Beam blades are made up of a single piece of spring steel with a silicone blade bonded onto it. Beam style blades have much fewer moving parts and offer a superior blade materiel.Beam blades provide the most even pressure distribution possible, instead of relying on 8 to 12 contact points, beam blades provide equal pressure across the entire length of the blade. We find that Beam blades last an average of twice as long as our Frame blades. At Tim’s we offer Trico as our premium Beam blades.

Winter blades are designed for use during snow and freezing conditions. The blades are coated in rubber and have limited exposed parts to limit clogging with snow and ice. Winter blades are typically heavier and more robust than all season wiper blades. While they are better in winter conditions, they tend to be noisy and streak when ice and snow are not a concern. Due to our climate we do not typically install winter blades at Tim’s, however winter blades are available upon request.

At Tim’s we check your wipers with every Digital Vehicle Inspection every time we see your vehicle. We feel it is ourresponsibilityto keep you informed of all of your maintenance and safety needs!

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