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Why is my car running hotter than normal?

It could be because your vehicle’s Under Hood Cooling Fan isn’t working. All vehicles have one or more large under hood fans. They are used to draw air in from the front of the vehicle to help keep the engine and transmission cool. They also make the vehicle's A/C work effectively. 

Especially with the summer heat upon us, we are seeing more engine overheating and vehicle A/C system problems due to a cooling fan issue.


Cooling fans are cycled on and off by the electrical controls of the vehicle. When your engine gets warmer the fans will kick on to help regulate the engine temperature. They will shut off when the temperature has been lowered. Cooling fans will also be turned on when the vehicle’s A/C system is on. During the summertime your cooling fans get a workout! 

Not properly functioning fans can lead to engine overheating and poor A/C performance. If you are noticing your engine is running warmer than normal or your A/C not cooling well, let the mechanics at Tim’s check out your car to prevent further damage. Make an appointment today!

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