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Why is my car making a humming noise?

As our vehicles age sometimes they develop unique noises. Rattles, pops, shakes and sometimes a hum. Does your vehicle make a humming noise while driving down a smooth street? Do you sometimes get the sensation that you are driving over a metal grate when driving on smooth roads? 

Here are 3 possible reasons for a hum and vibration sensation while driving.

Uneven tire wear can cause a hum noise. 
If tires wear or are not properly rotated the bumpy serration in the tread or lack of tread on the tire can cause a hum.

Wheel Bearings that are beginning to fail can cause a hum noise. 
Weather it is age and mileage or water intrusion wheel bearings wear and can fail over time. The roughness caused by wear in wheel bearings can cause a hum noise while driving on smooth roads.

A differential that is failing or worn can cause a hum noise. 
If you notice your vehicle only makes a hum noise when the accelerator is pressed you may be experiencing differential noise. Wear in the gears and bearings in the differential.

Noises are one of the primary ways we can determine a mechanical failure is occurring in our vehicle. Do not ignore noises they may be the early warning signs of a bigger problem! At Tim's we recommend taking a preliminary test drive with a professional so you can show them the problem.

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