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Why does my car shake when I stop?

Why does my car shake when I stop? - Tim's Quality Car CareWhy does my car shake when I stop? - Tim's Quality Car Care image 2

Have you ever driven a vehicle that shakes when the brakes are applied? Many times the shake becomes more violent at higher speeds. While every vehicle needs to be inspected to determine the source of the problem, many times the cause for a shake while slowing down is out of true (warped) brake rotors. Brake rotors are the metal disc that you can see behind all four of your wheels. Your brake pads clamp down on the brake rotor to stop your vehicle. Brake rotors can become out of true from being exposed to excessive heat or from being exposed to large amounts of water when they are hot. Many times the fix for your car shaking when stopping is replacing brake pads and rotors and servicing the calipers. Sometimes calipers and brake hoses need to be replaced as well. Fun fact! You can often determine the axle that is causing the vehicle to shake by paying attention to how the vehicle shakes. If the shake is coming from the steering wheel but the rest of the vehicle feels steady the front brakes are probably the culprit. If you feel the seat of the vehicle or the entire vehicle shaking under you but the steering wheel is not shaking the rear brakes are probably causing the shake.

Let the mechanics at Tim’s help with any of your braking concerns. We believe your braking system is one of the main safety systems on your vehicle and we will always check your entire braking system at every visit!​

Why does my car shake when I stop? - Tim's Quality Car Care image 3


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