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Why does my car feel bouncy?

Have you noticed that your car is bouncy when you go over bumps or potholes? Your vehicle’s suspension is supposed to provide comfort and control while going over terrain. It can wear over time and become less effective, especially if driven on the bumpy streets of New Orleans. 

Some causes of a bouncy vehicle can be: 
1) Worn Struts or Shocks 
2) Excessive Wear in the Steering Linkage 
3) Excessive Wear in Ball Joints or Control Arms

The weight of your vehicle is supported by springs on all four wheels. Struts and/or Shocks are used to lessen the bouncing or stagecoach sensation that springs would create. They are charged with oil and gas to reduce the bounciness of the springs. A symptom of worn or leaking shocks and struts is a bouncy ride down the road.

Steering Linkage is a series of ball and socket joints. They allow the vehicle to transfer the left and right steering output of the rigid vehicle to the front wheels that are moving up and down as you drive. These items can wear and create excessive slack in the steering linkage. That can create a bouncy feeling, especially when navigating turns. 


Ball Joints and Control Arms are the joints and connections between the moving parts of your suspension and the rigid parts of the vehicle. Ball joints wear and create excessive slack inside of the ball and socket joint. Control arm bushings develop small cracks that turn into tears over time. Loose ball joints and control arms can create a soupy or bouncy sensation in the vehicle and in extreme cases be a safety hazard.

If your vehicle is riding bouncy, let the mechanics at Tim’s check out your suspension system. Make an appointment today!

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