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Why do my brakes squeak?

Why do my brakes squeak? - Tim's Quality Car CareWhy do my brakes squeak? - Tim's Quality Car Care image 2

There are a couple reasons the brakes on your vehicle could be squeaking.


The first is if your vehicle has been sitting for several days. Sometimes surface rust can develop on the stopping surface of your brake rotors, causing a squeak noise during your first few brake applications. This is not a safety concern and this will normally stop after a few brake applications.


The second reason could be that your brakes are low and in need of replacement. Some vehicles have metal tabs that act as wear indications to let the driver know when the brakes are low by squeaking. But even vehicles without those indicators built in, will often squeak when the brakes are very low and ready for a Brake Repair.


At Tim’s Quality Car Care we are dedicated to keeping our clients in safe and reliable transportation. Brakes are a big part of our safety focus. We try to help our clients plan their vehicle maintenance and repair by inspecting every vehicle before we service. At every visit, we will let you know a measurement of how much brake pad you have left, the condition of your brake hoses, brake fluid and the overall condition of your braking system.


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