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Why do my brakes grind?

Why do my brakes grind? - Tim's Quality Car CareWhy do my brakes grind? - Tim's Quality Car Care image 2

Hearing a grinding sound could indicate your vehicle’s brake pads are worn down all the way – exposing the metal puck under the pad. If so, when you go to press the brakes, pads with no friction material left are trying to grip on to the metal rotor, resulting in a grind and an increased stopping distance. This is an unpleasant sound, but it could also result in a brake failure when you need it most.It may be time for a Brake Repair.

As a safety focused company Tim’s considers your vehicle’s braking system one of our primary concerns. Your brakes are checked, measured and photographed every time we service your vehicle. All brake repairs at Tim’s are done only to the highest standards, with only the best quality parts available and backed by our industry leading 3 year, 36,000-mile warranty.

Why do my brakes grind? - Tim's Quality Car Care image 3


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