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Why do my brakes feel soft?

Why do my brakes feel soft? - Tim's Quality Car Care   Why do my brakes feel soft? - Tim's Quality Car Care image 2

A change in the feeling of your vehicle's brakes can be alarming, and can be an indication of a potentially unsafe problem. Your vehicle's braking system is based on hydraulics. High pressure brake fluid traveling through lines to each wheel creates pressure inside of the brake calipers or wheel cylinders causing your brake pads and shoes to clamp on the rotors or drums causing your vehicle to slow to a stop. Brakes feel soft because of a brake fluid leak, air in your hydraulic brake lines, or a failing brake hose.

Why do my brakes feel soft? - Tim's Quality Car Care image 3

If your vehicle is low on brake fluid because of a leak or if there is air trapped in your braking system your brakes will feel soft or spongy because the air in the lines will not compress like brake fluid. If you notice spots under where you park your vehicle that is an indication of a leak. If you have a failing brake hose sometimes the rubber hose will inflate with brake fluid like a balloon instead of transferring pressure to the brakes. Tim’s does not recommend driving vehicles with spongy brakes. Spongy brakes are a safety concern because not properly functioning brakes can cause your vehicle to have a greatly increased stopping distance and can cause an accident.
If your brakes are feeling soft let the mechanics at Tim’s check your vehicle. We can locate the problem and help you keep you and your family safe on the road. 


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