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When to Replace Tires

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When should you replace your tires? Tires are a wear item on your vehicle, they provide traction to help accelerate, stop and keep your vehicle in control. Tires should be replaced if they have under 4/32 of an inch of tread or if they are more than 5 years old. Tires with low tread can cause the vehicle to have an increased stopping distance and cause the vehicle to be more likely to hydroplane in wet weather. Old tires need to be changed because the rubber and the chemical bonds that keep the layers of the tire together deteriorate over time. Old tires are far more likely to separate, overheat and cause a blow out than new tires.

Some signs of a worn tire are a wobble or shake, a hum or buzz noise while driving. Any large defects or injuries in the tread or sidewall of a tire may also be a reason to replace the tire.


Since your safety is our priority, we include checking tires in our digital inspection, we will check the age, tread depth and condition of your tires at every visit.


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At Tim’s we offer a Tire Protection Plan to help take the worry out of your new tire purchase. We offer free flat repairs on all protected tires. If the injury is not repairable we offer complimentary replacement of the tire in years one and two and 50% replacement in years 3 and 4. And when you have 4 protected tires on your vehicle tire rotations are complimentary at every service visit! Let the mechanics at Tim’s help match your vehicle and driving habits to the perfect tire!




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