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How to Get Good Fuel Economy

How to Get Good Fuel Economy

Fuel economy is front of mind for many drivers. It just makes sense to try to get as many miles out of every gallon of gas used. Not only is getting the best fuel economy cost-effective, it is also the environmentally friendly way to drive!  5 Tips to Help Get the Most Miles Per Gallon1) Proper Tire Inflation It is simple but overlooked aspect of fuel economy. An under inflated tire creates more rolling resistance more heat inside of the tire. Inflating your tires to the recommended pressure (found inside of the driver's door frame of your vehicle) will boost your fuel economy and help keep you safe on the road. 2) Driving Conservatively Observing all speed limits will help you get maximum fuel economy. Gentle acceleration and limiting wide-open throttle events will save you big time at the pumps.  3) Avoid Extended Vehicle Idling When your engine is running it is using gas! Avoiding hanging out i ... read more

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