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What does a sway bar do?

What does a sway bar do?

Sway Bars, also known as Anti-sway Bars and Stabilizer Bars are a very important part of most vehicle suspensions. Your sway bar works together with other parts of the suspension to give your vehicle a comfortable and safe ride.  Sway bars are most often U-shaped tubular pieces of spring steel. Sway bars are mounted to the subframe or frame of the vehicle and connected to the strut of the left and right wheels. Sway bars prevent the vehicle from leaning too far while making a turn. Excessive lean or body roll can cause the vehicle to shift too much weight to one wheel. That can cause the driver to lose control. Sway bars allow your vehicle to transfer the force from one front wheel of the vehicle to the other. A functioning sway bar gives the driver better control while maneuvering: 1) At high speeds 2) In wet conditions,  3) On uneven or loose terrain    The design of the sway bar varies by the ... read more

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