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Synthetic Vs. Conventional Oil

Synthetic Vs. Conventional Oil

    Synthetic Oil vs. Conventional Oil – what is the difference?! We get this question a lot. Most modern vehicles require synthetic engine oil, but where does it come from? Most importantly, why is synthetic oil the right choice for your vehicle's oil changes if it is required?  Synthetic Engine Oil uses a synthetic base stock. Many times the beginnings of the base stock comes from crude oil but that is just the beginning. The base stock goes through a much more involved process where the molecules are broken down and then re-built into uniform shapes. Additives, friction modifiers and cleaners are added to the synthetic base stock and it is ready for use. Synthetic oil does a superior job of reducing friction, limiting wear and being able to lubricate in tighter tolerances (less space). Conventional Engine Oil uses refined crude oil as its base stock. Crude oil is cleaned, filtered and held under pressure and heat and one ... read more

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