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Why is my car overheating?

Why is my car overheating?

Is your car overheating? If you notice your vehicle temperature gauge climbing, you are having a problem with your vehicle running hot. Although running engines create heat, your vehicle's engine cooling system was designed to help regulate your engine temperature. Two main issues that can cause your vehicle to overheat:  1) Low coolant level or no coolant in the engine and radiator  2) Engine cooling fans is malfunctioning A low cooling system is an indication of a coolant leak. How coolant leaks are detected is we will artificially pressurize your cooling system with a special tool and then visually inspect the system to locate leaks. Did you know that your vehicle's cabin heater is part of the engine cooling system? Sometimes your vehicle has a cooling leak internally in the engine, meaning that your cylinder head or cylinder head gasket is allowing coolant to leak into one of the cylinders of the engine. A tell of an in ... read more

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