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Why is my car pulling to the right?

Why is my car pulling to the right?

Does your car pull to the right? Your vehicle should travel straight when you drive on a smooth flat road. If you notice that your car is pulling or drifting to the right when driving, this could be an indication of a tire problem, an alignment problem or a braking system problem. Tire Problem A tire that has developed a very irregular wear or a slipped belt can cause your car to pull. As tires age the bond that holds the steel belts and tread to the tire carcass deteriorates, this can cause a section of the tire tread and belt or the entire tire tread and belt to shift and cause a pull in the vehicle or a bump sensation and a pull. Tires with slipped belts are unsafe and should be changed. If changing all four tires it is also recommended to align the vehicle afterwards. Alignment Problem Problems with your alignment can cause your vehicle to pull or drift to the right or left or both. It can also be ... read more

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