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What is draining my car battery?

What is draining my car battery?

Does your car battery keep draining? A drained battery, especially if it happens more than once, is often a sign of a problem. A jump start may get you driving for that day, but more often than not there is something that needs attention.  A vehicle with a battery that is frequently drained is likely:  1) A failed battery  2) Having a problem in the starting and charging system 3) Experiencing a parasitic draw Failed Battery The easiest and most likely cause of your battery draining is that your battery’s internal chemical reaction is getting weaker. A result of the weak reaction is it can not store the energy needed to start your vehicle after it is sitting unused for a few hours.  An un intrusive battery load test is the best way to determine the strength of your battery. We can measure the strength of your battery and compare it to what the battery should have.  Starting and Charging System Problem A ... read more


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