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Why is my battery light on in my car?

Why is my battery light on in my car?

Warning lights on the dash of your vehicle are never fun. Warning lights are your vehicle's primary way of letting you know there is a failure. One of the lights on your display is a red battery, What does it mean when the red battery light is on? Here are three possible causes for a battery light on your dash. 1. It is possible that your battery has failed. It is always a great idea to start with testing the battery on a vehicle that has a battery light on. Age, heat, and starting/ charging system problems can cause a good battery to fail. 2. Alternator failure is another common reason for the battery light. Your alternator's job is to keep your vehicle in a positive state of charge. If your vehicle can not keep itself in a positive state of charge the battery light will come on. 3. A wiring or module problem could cause your battery light to come on. Many newer vehicles use on of the onboard computers to control the vehicle c ... read more

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