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Slow coolant leaks. A small leak can turn into a big problem

Slow coolant leaks. A small leak can turn into a big problemSlow coolant leaks. A small leak can turn into a big problem image 2

Today while inspecting a Rav4 we found a slow coolant leak on the upper radiator hose at a Tee. Coolant can leakfromyourenginecoolingsystemat a rapid rate and you will see liquid dripping from under your vehicle, or see a puddle under the vehicle. Many coolant leaks start as slow leaks. You can see a crusty residue around water pump seals, radiator tank seams, hose connections and anywhere else where coolant is contained. It is far better to catch a coolant leak before it starts dripping or becomes a major leak. Depending on your vehicle your cooling system can be under anywhere from 13 to 18or morepsi of pressure while at operating temperature. A small leak can turn into a large leak in an instant sometimes causing the vehicle to lose a significant amount of coolant in a very short period of time. When a vehicle isranwhile low on coolant it can overheat causing engine damage.Routine checks of your cooling system can help prevent problems before they occur. At Tim’s Quality Car Care we give a complimentary Digital Vehicle Inspection on all vehicles. Let us help keep your car running newer longer. To stay in touch with what is going on at Tim’s please follow us onFaceBook, Google,and YouTube.


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