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Is the heat breaking my car?

After a month of near-record heat and some of the driest conditions we have experienced in years, we are really suffering in New Orleans. High temperatures are hard on people and pets but it can also stress our vehicles. Heat can cause many temperature-related failures on your vehicle.

Here is a list of five things that you can check to make sure your car does the best it can in the heat!

1. Check your coolant level. 
Be sure to consult your owners manual and never open your cooling system while hot! Low coolant levels can cause your engine to overheat especially on high heat days.

2. Check your engine oil level. 
Your engine oil not only lubricates your engine it is also one of the ways it dissipates heat. Watch our video on how to check your oil. 

3. Check your transmission fluid level. 
Many new vehicles need either a special tool or to be on a lift so check your owners manual. If you can check the transmission fluid the correct level is key to keeping your transmission cool.

4. Check your under-hood cooling fans.
Most modern vehicles have one or two electric fans under the hood used to help cool off the engine bay. Checking your cooling fans is easy but you may need the help of a friend. You do not need to open your hood for this one. Have a friend start your vehicle while you stand in front of the vehicle. Shortly after starting the vehicle have them turn on the air conditioner. If you hear a noise that sounds like a large computer fan when your friend turns on the a/c good news, your fan is running.

5. Be mindful of the way your car sounds when starting.
We all know and love our cars they are basically members of our family. If your engine sounds different when starting, such as a different click or a slower spin, you could be having a battery problem. Batteries are under stress in high heat conditions and are more likely to fail. It would be a great idea to have the battery checked before it leaves you stranded!

At Tim's we are here for you no matter what the weather. All checks mentioned here are part of what we check on our digital vehicle inspection at every visit.

Let the mechanics at Tim's help your car perform the best it can in the heat! Make an appointment today!

Tim's was featured on WDSU Channel 6 News. 
Watch the story to see more about how the heat is affecting cars.

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