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Is my suspension bad?

Are you wondering if your vehicle's suspension is bad? Suspension systems wear out with normal use of your vehicle. Time and mileage, paired with the bumpy streets of New Orleans, can cause your suspension to wear or fail. A properly functioning suspension provides comfort, traction, and control while driving your vehicle. 

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Some signs of a bad suspension are:
1) A bouncy ride
2) A clunk or rattle noise over bumps
3) A pull or drift while driving
4) An uneven tire wear 

Bouncy Ride
When your suspension is worn, you will often feel an overly soft or bouncy sensation while driving. When driving over bumps, particularly at low speeds, your vehicle will bounce 3 or 4 times. The change from a normal feeling ride to an overly bouncy ride can either occur suddenly or gradually over time. The bouncy sensation you are feeling is a lack of spring dampening by the shock absorbers or struts on your vehicle. 

Clunk or Rattle Noises
A clunk or rattling noise while driving over bumps could be a sign of needed suspension repairs. Suspensions have multiple pivot and motion points. This allows your vehicle to safely and comfortably move over uneven surfaces. Clunks and rattles occur when one of the pivot or motion points develops excessive slack. Or there is metal on metal wear due to a failed ball and socket joint or bearing. 

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Pull or Drift
If your vehicle pulls or veers to the left or right while driving down a straight road it is possible that is a sign of a worn suspension. While other things can also cause a pull, excessive slack in joints and arms can cause a vehicle to pull or steer itself.

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Uneven Tire Wear 
Uneven tire wear can be a sign of a bad suspension. High and low spots or excessive wear on one edge could be a symptom of a suspension concern. High and low spots in the tread are created by the bouncing motion that happens when a vehicle is driven with very worn shocks or struts. It creates almost a serrated feeling when rubbing your hand across the tread and in extreme cases can create noise or shake when driving. 

If your vehicle is experiencing any of these symptoms, your suspension may need to be checked. Let the mechanics at Tim’s keep your vehicle and your suspension in top condition! 

Let the mechanics at Tim’s check out your suspension system Make an appointment today!

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