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Is my car A/C compressor bad?

The compressor is an essential part of your vehicle’s A/C system. It has the job of turning your refrigerant from a low-pressure gas into a high-pressure liquid. Without a functioning compressor, your A/C system will not work properly.

Here are Some Signs of a Bad A/C Compressor:
1) Lack of Performance from Your A/C System

If you notice your A/C is not cooling the way it used to, it is possible that your compressor has either electrically failed or is internally worn.

2) A Sharp Tapping Noise Under Your Hood when the A/C is On
If your vehicle makes a fast sharp tapping noise, only when your A/C is on, it is possible that your A/C compressor has failed. It may have some metal-on-metal contact internally.

3) A Burning Smell from Under Your Hood when the A/C is On
If you notice a burning smell from under the hood of your vehicle only when your A/C is on, it is possible that the compressor clutch has failed. It may not be able to engage your compressor. 

4) Fluorescent Green Substance Under the Hood Along with a Chemical Smell
If you notice a chemical smell and see a fluorescent green oily substance under the hood (or in extreme cases in a spot under your vehicle) it is possible that your compressor has developed a large refrigerant leak. 

All A/C repairs should be done by licensed A/C professionals. If you think you may have an A/C problem, let the mechanics at Tim’s do an A/C Performance Check. A/C is crucial in New Orleans and Tim's will help keep you and your family cool all year long! 


If your vehicle's A/C isn't working, let the mechanics at Tim’s take a look! Make an appointment today!

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