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Is it ok to drive with check engine light?

Have you ever wondered if it was ok to drive with your check engine light on? Your check engine light is your vehicle's way of letting you know a malfunction is occurring. While there is a very large range of problems that can cause a check engine light your vehicle does offer some help in categorizing. 

Your check engine light can be lit in 2 different ways:

  1. Flashing check engine light
  2. Solid check engine light

Flashing Check Engine Light
A flashing check engine light is more urgent. It is not recommended to drive a vehicle with a flashing check engine light very far. The check engine light event that is occurring could be damaging your catalytic converter. We recommend you stop using the vehicle – immediately drive to your Auto Repair Shop or have it towed. Their mechanics winn need to do some diagnostic work to find the cause.

Solid Check Engine Light
When a solid check engine light comes on, that is your vehicle's way of informing you to contact your auto repair shop. Bring it in for diagnostics as soon as possible. This isn't as urgent as a flashing light; but, driving a vehicle with an illuminated check engine light for an extended period of time is not a good idea. 

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