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How to Tell if Control Arm Bushings Are Bad

 Our suspensions are tested to their limits on the uneven streets of New Orleans. One of the most common suspension failures we find is Torn Control Arm Bushings. Control arm bushings are large thick pieces of rubber that keep your suspension in place but also give it the ability to flex and move over bumps.


Control arm bushings work in concert with your struts, springs, and ball joints. They give your vehicle comfort and traction control while driving. Control arm bushings wear over time from the rubber flexing, absorbing impact, and dry rotting from age. While small cracks in the rubber bushings are acceptable, large tears indicate the beginning of a safety concern. Worn struts or shocks can shorten the lifespan of control arm bushings. 

So, when is it time to change your Control Arm Bushings?
At Tim’s we check your bushings at every service as part of our Digital Vehicle Inspection. 

🟢 We consider bushings with small surface cracks to be safe and usable and it will be marked green in our inspection. 

🟡 When the bushing is torn in some places but is more than 50% intact we will mark the bushing yellow. What this means is the bushing is still safe, but is wearing and will need to be changed in the near future. 

🔴 When a bushing is more than 50% torn we will mark the bushing red and recommend replacement.  


Let the mechanics at Tim’s help keep your suspension safe and reliable. Make an appointment today!

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