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How do I become a Mechanic?

How do I become a Mechanic? - Tim's Quality Car Care  How do I become a Mechanic? - Tim's Quality Car Care image 2

The automotive repair industry is an essential part of our economy. Helping people safely travel in reliable transportation is one of the things that keeps our country moving. For as large as the automotive repair industry is there is often no clear path for people who want to start careers as Mechanics. Trade schools offer degrees, different manufacturers and associations offer certification processes, and many businesses will not hire without real world experience. Many potential new Mechanics find themselves not knowing where to start.

In our opinion the best place to start a career as a Mechanic is to find an Auto Repair Shop that is focused on providing a positive work environment and on the job training. Starting your career as a mechanic working as a helper with an experienced mechanic or group of mechanics is the best way to gain a large amount of real world experience in a short period of time. Auto Repair Shops are much more likely to hire a trainee with a good work ethic and no knowledge as compared to someone who has no work experience but some independent learning/ classes at trade school.

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After you have secured a job at an Auto Repair facility of your choosing. Trade schools can help give clarity and ensure that new Mechanics have a firm understanding of the basics. Many Mechanic trainees have found that having a classroom setting for introductions to electrical diagnostics and engine diagnostics to be the most helpful. While it is not necessary to have an associates degree to become a Mechanic, a degree is a great addition to a resume as well as a sign of your commitment to training. 

Once you feel like you are beginning to get a feel for your new career as a Mechanic and are progressing through the training program provided by the shop you work at, the next big step would be studying for certification tests. Certifications from associations such as the ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) is the industry standard way for Mechanics to develop, test and prove their knowledge and experience. ASE certification requires the Mechanic to study for and be tested on specific areas of being a Mechanic. 

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The Auto Repair Industry is a great place to start a career. You will get specialized training in one of the biggest industries of the US and the job security that comes with it. Mechanics are never bored we get to see a variety of problems and service many different systems on as many different vehicles. Mechanics also have the satisfaction that we are helping members of our community and their families travel safely.

At Tim’s we have a strong commitment to training new Mechanics and Service Advisors. We believe it is our obligation to help the next generation of the Automotive Industry get their start. If you or someone you know is interested in a career as a Mechanic or Service Advisor please contact us!


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