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Does heat affect my car’s battery?

Yes, the heat can absolutely affect your car’s battery! Just like you and I get cranky and sluggish when New Orleans feels like the surface of the sun, so does your battery! The chemical reaction inside of your battery is stressed in extreme hot and cold conditions. 


Batteries are most often placed under your hood in the hot engine bay and they are exposed to engine operating temperatures. During the summer they are also baking under the hood of the vehicle even when not in use. All batteries are stressed in the heat, a battery that is marginal can be stressed to the point of failure. 

Consider trying to parking in the shade or in a carport / garage. It can help protect your vehicle from the heat of direct sunlight.

The mechanic's at Tim's will check the capacity and cold-cranking amps of your battery at every visit. We can determine if a battery is weak before it fails. All batteries installed at Tim's come with a 3-year full replacement warranty! 

Let the Mechanics at Tim’s help keep your vehicle starting! Make an appointment today!

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