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Do I need a wheel alignment?

Have you ever wondered if you needed a wheel alignment? 
Do I need a wheel alignment? - Tim's Quality Car Care

Symptoms of a vehicle being out-of-alignment:
1) Pulling or drifting while driving
2)  If you notice while going straight down the road the steering wheel is off center
3)If you notice your vehicle is handling oddly 

   Do I need a wheel alignment? - Tim's Quality Car Care image 2   Do I need a wheel alignment? - Tim's Quality Car Care image 3

Other reasons your vehicle may need an alignment:
1) Tires were replaced
2) Any suspension or steering parts were replaced
3) A front wheel drive axle or front or rear wheel bearings were replaced

Bonuses to having a properly aligned vehicle:
1) They will NOT prematurely wear suspension components or tires
2) They are safer to drive. Traction control systems work best on properly aligned vehicles
3) They are more intuitive to handle and help keep the driver more in control


Let the mechanics at Tim’s check out your vehicle and let you know if you need an alignment. 
Make an appointment today!

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