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Do I Need a New Car Battery?


The two main factors of battery life are frequency of use and conditions the battery is used in. 

  • Batteries in vehicles that sit for weeks at a time and are infrequently used will often have a shortened life.
  • Batteries used in extreme hot or cold temperatures will typically have a shortened life. We see many batteries fail when the seasons change and we have temperature swings from hot to cold and from cold to hot. 



Tim’s feels that there are 3 reasons you should replace your battery before it dies: 

1) Safety and Reliability. 
Replacing a battery before your vehicle lets you down and does not start, can be safer than waiting for the battery to totally fail.

2) It is better for the vehicle. 
Your car depends on the battery to power up the electrical systems and to have the power to start your engine. A low amperage or poorly performing battery will put strain on the electrical components of your vehicle as it struggles to start.

3) Convenience! 
Having a surprise battery failure that causes you to miss work or school is a big inconvenience. It is much easier to have your battery replaced by one of our technicians while your vehicle is already being serviced at the shop. 

All batteries used at Tim’s come with a three-year unlimited mileage warranty. We use the highest quality batteries available so that we can give you service second to none and the best warranty in the industry.

Let the Mechanics at Tim’s help keep your vehicle starting! Make an appointment today!

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