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Ball Joints What are they and how do they wear?

Ball joints are the ball and socket joints that hold your control arms to your spindles. Ball joints are most commonly found in the lower arms of front suspensions, depending on your vehicle you may have four ball joints on your front suspension and some ball joints in the rear of your vehicle. Ball joints are the pivot point that allows your wheels to turn left and right and for the suspension to articulate while driving. Ball joints are load bearing suspension component that takes the brunt of the abuse from pot holes, rough roads, and the weight of your vehicle. Over time and from being used, water intrusion and dust boots deteriorating cause ball joints to lose their grease and begin to grind themselves away. During Our Digital Vehicle Inspection we check your ball joints for deflection, looseness and excessive slack. Not only are loose ball joints dangerous they can cause pre-mature tire wear and can also make your vehicle not able to be aligned.

Ball Joints What are they and how do they wear? - Tim's Quality Car Care

Ball joints can either be serviceable or non-serviceable, meaning depending on the suspension we either can replace the joint itself or the entire arm that the ball joint is made into. Ball joints are the lifeblood of any suspension. You can take care of your suspension and ball joints by keeping good shock absorbers and struts on your vehicle. Worn shocks and struts allow the vehicle to exert excessive force and movement on your suspension, prematurely wearing ball joints, anti-sway bar end links and bushings, control arm bushings and outer tie rod ends. When any component of your suspension, including ball joints it affects the whole suspension of your vehicle. When changing any components in your suspension it is important to align your vehicle to manufacturer's specifications when done the repair. Let the experts at Tim's Quality Car Care keep your vehicle newer, safer and more reliable at every visit.

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