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Brake Pads When Should They Be Changed?

Brake Pads When Should They Be Changed? Brake pad life is effected by several different factors, the vehicle operator’s driving habits, what your brake pads are made out of, also what percentage of driving is done on the highway vs. city streets. Different vehicles have different brakes, some have ceramic brake pads, some have semi-metallic brake pads and others, few and far between, have organic brake pads. Ceramic pads tend to last the longest and have a higher tolerance to high temperatures. But if ceramic pads are used in an application where semi-metallic brake pads were intend the stopping distance of the vehicle could be effected as well as the vehicles brakes could be more prone to over-heating by not using the proper brake pads. Here at Tim’s Quality Car Care we always use the original equipment brake pad formula. Another aspect that effects the life of brake pads is the percentage ... read more


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