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Digital Vehicle Inspection

Digital Vehicle Inspection

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At Tim's we believe in giving our customers all of the information they need to make informed decisions about the maintenance and repair on their vehicles. Every time your vehicle is serviced at Tim's we will do a full Digital Vehicle Inspection. We go from the front to the back of your vehicle, we check all safety items, maintenance items and inspect all systems on your vehicle. With this large amount of current information our customers can make smart decisions about servicing and repairing their vehicle. Every inspection we do comes with pictures, ratings, and descriptions. After the inspection has been completed we send you a digital copy via text or email. Our customers from the comfort of their own computer or smart phone can see what our Technicians see. We do not just tell you what needs attention, we inform our customers of what systems are in good shape, what systems need attention, as well as what systems need attention in the future. Our Digital vehicle Inspection will help you plan for the future. We can tell you when systems or components on your vehicle are beginning to break down or wear out. We can let you know if your safety or maintenance items need attention today, next visit, or sometime in the future. We believe it is our job as professionals to properly inspect our customer's vehicles to help them keep them in top condition.

We also preform Pre-Purchase Inspections on vehicles customers are considering purchasing. We put the vehicle through the same Digital Vehicle Inspection we use on all cars but also add a full check of body panels, check for frame damage, check for signs of improper body repair or hidden body damage. We also check all interior and comfort accessories to ensure all are in proper working order. Our Pre-Purchase Inspection allows you to make a confident decision when choosing a used vehicle. Many customers also find that our Pre-Purchase Inspection is a great bargaining tool for negotiating the price of a vehicle. Let the experts at Tim's help you choose the right vehicle!

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